Cemscreed 5

Midlands Floorscreeding Limited are an approved contractor for Cemscreed 5 which is a special cement based binder for producing an early drying high strength floor screed when mixed with graded aggregates and water. This is the product that Midlands Floorscreeding Offer as an alternative to the Isocrete K Screed and is always excepted by the architects

As the binder is mixed under controlled conditions all that is required at site is the addition of a suitable aggregate and water thereby improving the control of components critical to the performance of the finished screed.


Cemscreed 5 benefits

  • Just 5 days drying time before ready for floor covering
  • Designed for use where high point loading or heavy trafficking is expected
  • Significantly reduced drying times (to accept final flooring)
  • Better working properties providing easier and more reliable compaction
  • Quicker early strength development
  • Reduced drying shrinkage resulting from low water/cement ratio
  • Greater final strength
  • Fibres may be used to replace crack control reinforcement
  • Usable for 8-12 hours
  • Light foot traffic – 2 days. Site traffic – 5 days
  • Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13813

Cemscreed 5 Data Sheet

“The reason we are so successful is because of our exceptional quality control, we provide 3 elements in one bag – cement, additives and fibres. Users of Cemscreed only have to organise their own sand, everything else is provided in the bag!” 

Paul Smith, Tarmac Building Products’ Specialist Screed Manager